Felix Morlan Gonzalez - Spain - Encomio OASIS - Praise OASIS

Felix Morlan Gonzalez – Spain – Oasis Magazine Award Commended in the category Mammals


The image was taken during a misty morning in January 2016 on a mountain in the UK. The previous night it snowed in abundance, which made difficult the climb towards the summit in search of mountain hares because of the amount of snow accumulated. After climbing some two hundred meters I located a pair of hares resting and slowly I approached. One of them escaped at full speed but the hare of the image remained in the same position. I took some first images and continued to approach her very slowly and lying on the snow until reaching a good distance to get this image. I put the lens as low as possible to get the blur of the foreground and float on the white the beautiful face of this mammal, perfectly adapted to the cold and raw winter. For me it was a very special moment to get an image of the moment when we both looked into each other’s eyes.


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