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Ho atteso due anni per riuscire a fotografare la cattura di un pesce gatto da parte di un leopardo, un comportamento che si può osservare solo quando il canale Savute inizia a prosciugarsi, bloccando i pesci nelle pozze isolate. Dopo giorni di attesa sono stato ricompensato dal salto di questa femmina nel fango.
I waited two years to try to capture this behaviour which is only possible when the Savute Channel starts to recede leaving the catfish stranded in the isolated pools of water. It wasn’t until August in the second year that I was there when the conditions were right and after many days waiting, I was finally rewarded with this female leopard jumping into the muddy pool with remarkable success. There are three related leopards in the area that are known to fish although tney rarely try it in daylight. Not only is the behaviour remarkable, it has been learnt by the oldest female in the last 5 years as before that the channel had not flowed for 30 years. She has then taught it to two separate litters of offspring.


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Cresciuto nel Regno Unito, è sempre stato un grande viaggiatore, appassionato della grande fauna africana. Da un decennio vive in Botswana, ai margini del Delta dell’Okavango, conducendo safari fotografici e realizzando reportage per le principali riviste. Le sue immagini hanno vinto numerosi premi internazionali e sono state pubblicate su numerosi magazine, tra cui Africa Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Geographical e The Times. Nel 2010 ha pubblicato il famoso manuale “Wildlife Photography in Botswana”, mentre le sue guide sono tradotte e vendute in tutto il mondo. Per il suo ultimo libro, appena pubblicato, ha trascorso due anni nel Parco Nazionale Chobe. Considera la fotografia come un potente strumento per la conservazione della natura. Attualmente è impegnato in un progetto per insegnare fotografia ai ragazzi africani.
Brought up in the UK, but always an avid traveller, it was the continent of Africa and its wildlife that first captivated James from an early age, beckoning repeatedly until it could eventually be called home. He has now spent the last decade living in Botswana on the edge of the world-famous Okavango Delta, photographing for editorial features, running specialist photographic safaris and conducting commercial photographic and video shoots. Over that time, his images have won both national and international awards and have been published in numerous magazines including Africa Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Geographical and The Times. In 2010 he wrote and published the popular handbook, “Wildlife Photography in Botswana” while his photographs have also featured in a range of other publications from glossy coffee table books to ubiquitous best-selling guide books. He spent two years working on a project in the Savute region of Chobe National Park for his latest book, which was published in May 2017. James views photography as a powerful conservational tool – its instantaneous universal appeal and visual simplicity make it the perfect medium to illustrate the complex plight of Africa’s diminishing wildlife and he regularly works in conjunction with a number of local research and community projects. Whether teaching photography to local children or on safari workshops tailored towards keen photographers, his underlying goal is to open people’s eyes to the power of photography to influence the way we think about the world. 


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