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Queste foto sono state scattate in Australia, a centinaia di chilometri da qualsiasi luogo abitato. Questo è un mare sempre in tempesta, gonfio di onde spaventose, dalla bellezza aspra e incontaminata. Quando scatto foto in mare aperto cerco sempre qualcosa che non avevo mai visto prima, spingendomi dove le onde esplodono, nella luce del tramonto.
These photos were taken at the bottom of Australia, hundreds of kilometres from anywhere really. The next closest landmass looking out to sea is Antarctica. As the roaring forties spin through a conveyer belt of treacherous weather brings big storms and frightening swells along this stretch of coast. It also brings rugged beauty and untouched wilderness. Each time I shoot in the sea I want to show myself something i’ve never seen before and this time was no different. Huge waves we’re exploding all around me and the sun was starting to set. Knowing we only had an hour of visible light left it was time to witness and document. When people want to go to the beach, thats when I am not there. When it is raining and thunderous with an angry ocean, I am there. I had enough of seeing ‘beautiful’ waves with white sand and palm trees, although nice I want to show the world the Ocean I know. Fierce, Raw, emotional and untouched. 


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Due pensieri mantengono Ray sveglio la notte: come interpretare e come modellare la luce mentre nuota nell’oceano con la sua fotocamera. Ha acquistato la sua prima macchina fotografica nel 2007 per divertirsi con gli amici e in pochi anni ha iniziato una collaborazione con aziende prestigiose come Apple, Nikon, United Airlines, Isuzu, Qantas, Patagonia, National Geographic e Red Bull, che utilizzano le immagini di Ray – uniche e immediatamente riconoscibili – per le loro campagne internazionali. Tra i riconoscimenti più importanti che ha ricevuto nel corso della sua carriera: “Follow the Light” (2009); primo, secondo e terzo posto nel Premio Australian Surf (2012); Semifinalista nel “Moran Portraiture” (2012); Emerging Sport Photographer dell’anno (2013); Runner Up “Ocean Geographic” (2013); primo classificato al California Academy Of Scienze – Big Picture Awards (2014 e 2017); primo classificato nella sezione “Paesaggio” all’Oasis Photo Contest (2017). Le opera di Ray sono esposte sulle copertine dei più impportanti magazine e nei musei di tutto il mondo.
Two things that keep Ray awake at night… Interpreting photons and shaping light through his camera while swimming in the ocean. Having only picked up his first camera in 2007 to shoot his friends surfing around home, to within a few short years progressed to having companies such as Apple, Nikon, United Airlines, Isuzu, Qantas, Patagonia, National Geographic and Red Bull using Ray’s instantly recognisable and unique images across their international campaigns. From being the recipient of the prestigious ‘Follow The Light Grant’ (2009) and placing 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the ‘Australian Surf Photo of the Year’ (2012), Semi Finalist in the ‘Moran Portraiture Prize’ (2012) ’Emerging Sport Photographer of the Year’ (Capture Professional Photography Magazine 2013) Runner Up ‘Ocean Geographic – Pictures of the year’ (2013), 1st place ‘California Academy Of Sciences – Big Picture Awards’  (2014) 1st Place ‘Australian Surf Photo of the Year’ (2015), 1st place, Photo Series ‘California Academy Of Sciences – Big Picture Awards’  (2017) 1st Place ‘Landscape’ – ‘Oasis Photo Contest (2017) to having his work regularly exhibited on the covers of magazines and in galleries and museums around the world – Ray feels that he is taking the first steps towards highlighting the preciousness of our Oceans along side of a rewarding career in image making.



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