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 Ho catturato questa immagine sul monte Huangshan. Erano le prime ore del mattino e la temperatura era a -7 sotto zero. Considerata la montagna più bella della Cina, è stata cantata per secoli da poeti, pittori e artisti cinesi. Oggi mantiene lo stesso fascino per i fotografi che arrivano fin qui per im­mortalarla nel suo magnifico scenario, fatto di cime di granito e scogli affioranti da un mare di nubi.
Captured this image in Yellow Mountain early morning and waiting few hours in the cold at minus 7 degree. Huangshan, known as “the loveliest mountain of Chi­na”, was acclaimed through art and literature during Chinese history. Today it holds the same fascination for poets, painters and photographers who come on pilgrimage to the site, which is renowned for its ma­gnificent scenery made up of many granite peaks.


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Thierry Bornier, a French photographer who doesn’t came from a traditional path of this industry. Graded with MBA in finance, his life started working as a Chief Financial Official in an international fashion company in New York from 2001-2008 but numbers is not enough to feed his eyes of subjective beauty in nature and fashion.

His passion in photography has evolves in both avenue to capture the moment of truth in high fashion and landscape. When Thierry started traveling he found southwest China compose the most beautiful landscapes where he call home in Yunnan. In 2008 until now he never rest his desire of working as a Photographer.

Thierry did study by himself his own technics of lighting using Internet to understand the concept and never stop to trying to improve. For him Photography lighting is like cooking after learning the based you can try everything to create new taste, new mood and that is unlimited. He also join 2 Masters Photographers specialist in Beauty and Glamour for few days to understand how photographers work in this area, with David Mecey in California and with Andreas H bitesnich from Austria . Thierry also find inspiration from some amazing painters, as Leonardo De Vinci and Rembrandt for their portraitures and lighting or from nature painters as Claude Monet or Vincent Van Gogh.
Capturing beauty of people, fashion, nature or landscape has different approach and very challenging but if you love your work, you will never stop to learn. The best school is about to be curious and learn from others.

Thierry believe what the nature give us as beauty will one day be gone forever because of our climate change and maybe what we do capture today will be just memories from Photographer leaving traces of our wonderful earth.

China is for him an amazing country full of so many places for landscapes and encourage everyone love nature to come to discover this dreamy lands of beauty


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