Van Couwenberg Karin - Belgium - Encomio OASIS - Praise OASIS

Van Couwenberg Karin – Belgium – Oasis Magazine Award Commended in the category Mammals

Two Cheetah killing Wildebeest

One of the highlights while we were on safari in Tanzania was being a witness to a Cheetah kill. We followed a coalition of two Cheetah brothers early in the morning. We decided to stick with them as they looked very hungry with an empty belly and we were convinced it would be worthwhile to stay with them. They were strolling around and during the warmer hours of the day they were taking a siesta under a shady tree. In the afternoon they were more active, more alert and in hunting mode. They followed a herd of adult Wildebeest. Not a typical Cheetah prey as way to big and strong, but one doesn’t know as the brothers were healthy and strong. All of a sudden they started running, leaving a dust trail behind them and attacked a Wildebeest. The struggle took more than 20 minutes. At the end the Hyena stole the kill and the two Cheetah brothers did not have a single bite after all the work they did. It was quite something to be able to follow and watch the brothers the whole day.


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